You may recognize this mama … I photographed her gorgeous maternity session about a year ago in a beautiful cotton field. AND now …. back in cotton, here she is with 9 month old MJ, her precious baby. To see images from her past maternity session when she was pregnant with little MJ click HERE

Melissa @ Fawn Over Baby - I remember this gorgeous mama’s maternity session!! What a beautiful little mini-me she has there! AMAZING photos Brandi, as always!

Denise - Beautiful images!

Catharine | Itty Bitty Mini - Utterly beautiful!

One on One Workshop for Photographers

I had such an amazing time last week meeting and mentoring two very lovely ladies! We spent the entire day together discussing things from booking clients, workflow, editing, to posing newborns and camera techniques that I use. It was such a fun fun day! Here is a little bit of what we did and what the girls thought of their mentoring session… 

“Where do I even start? My mentoring with Brandi Smyth was undeniably amazing! I was in such a “rut” with my business and this was just the thing I needed.  Since the mentoring session I have been so inspired and motivated to make my photography and business the best it can be. I have learned more about my camera, revamped pricing, updated website, made pretty new price sheets, and organized my business- that is just in the first week! Brandi is so down to earth and easy to talk to. She easily adapted on the spot for our skill level and covered every topic we needed help with.  I would definitely say that not only is Brandi a photographer that I look up to but also a new friend!” - Desirae Gooding (photographer) -

“I sometimes find it hard to push myself to admit, faults to admit my imperfections. I am constantly pushing myself to be the very best & excellent in all circumstances and jobs I am put in. The most profound thing I feel like I attained from my mentoring session with Brandi isn’t all the technical aspects of photography or even the mere styled session in learning how to better my newborn shooting skills, it was coming to the realization of being my own photographer. It was understanding I did not have to be the best at everything, but to value my skills and talent in the area so uniquely characteristic to me. Its finding the beauty in becoming. Its the embrace of imperfections of your weaknesses and strengths that make you a great photographer. The skills, yes. The vision and eye, yes. But an innate inner acceptance of why you do what you love and that is enough. If I find that seniors are my element then instill your passion there. Brandi was an amazing communicator and completely vulnerable to tell of her mistakes, lessons learned, organization and the ways she simplifies her business to fit to who she is as a person, wife, business owner and woman. She gave open rebuke to help us change things which would only make us better, fit, organized and determined photographers. We were able to view her ideas on the business. Her methods of how she goes about editing, processing and creating a final product were insurmountable in giving me a new breath of vivid colorful inspiring ideas of change, hope and excitement for all that was to come. Never be scared to be taught. Never be fearful of correction and learning. NEVER be unwilling to admit you do not have it all together and in the peace of those thoughts is this: You are only YOU. You are to drive everything in your power to the passions that awaken your heart and give you joy! I would recommend Brandi’s one on one mentoring to anyone just in need of refreshing, vision, change, wisdom of the business and just FUN! Thanks a million to you Brandi my life honestly will not be the same:) “

- Angela Groce of Unveiled Radiance Photography -

To get more information on my one on one workshops & how to sign up simply click HERE

xo - Brandi

Laci - I’m interested in newborn photos. I can go to ur website, so I’m wondering prices and availability:) thank you!